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Introducing All access

About EWR Concierge Services

EWR Concierge Services is here to serve you.  Clients have been amazed with our services.  We provide our clients with an assigned managerial staff to aid with your administrative tasks as well as domestic day to day errands.  We are dedicated and committed to our clients needs.  EWR All Access Concierge Services is a professional boutique agency that is compassionate to our clients needs and privacy.  Our call to duty is unmatched on the market.


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Premium Services



Vocal Coaching • Writers • Production • Studio Recording Engineers • Podcast

At - Home Services


Dog Walking • Organization• Personal Shopper • Errands •Travel Arrangements

Professional Services


Target Marketing • Event Promotions • Email / Phone Correspondence • Scheduling • Traveling Assistant • Project Managements • Resourcing • Sales & Distribution



Meet The Founder / CEO

Emanuel  W. Robinson


Emanuel W. Robinson is an energetic motivated, dedicated and committed business savvy individual. He is known to many as “ The Octopus” because of his superb ability to multi-task, delegate, manage and ensure task are completed. He has worked in the non-profit industry for over 22 years. His experience working with CEO’s, C-Level Executives and Executive staff during his tenure within the non-profit industry has gained him priceless experience with project and office management, resource management, budgeting, administrative and domestic responsibilities. While building his work experience in the corporate world, his passion for music was never extinguished. His first experiences with singing started at St. John Baptist church in Far Rockaway Queens. That platform later opened doors to sing with Sean Combs, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli and many other musical greats.  Singing is a great passion of Emanuel's, but the mechanics on what happens behind the scenes was a much more rewarding experience. 

Helping artist to complete projects and nuture their careers was a skill that he found he was very good at.  His management career started in 2009.  It was a life changing career move that landed him as the Manager of Operations for one of the most prominent and well respected Journalist and news reporters; Ms Cheryl Wills.  Emanuel has been directly involved in coordinating musical productions and facilitating 3 major book deals for Ms Wills. One thing with Emanuel Robinson, is he consistently strives to surpass the expectations of his clients.  Setting a high bar for excellence.


In 2010, I founded my company, Wills Publishing & Productions, LLC with Emanuel Robinson.
From day one, he has been on board as the Manager of Operations and I can can sincerely say that I would have NEVER made it without his guidance, direction and professionalism.

Together, we have traversed the nation. A master of multi-tasking, Emanuel has booked all of my national conferences, speaking engagements,
productions and all of the logistics. It is truly a herculean task. From high profile events like my hosting the Essence Festival in New Orleans every year to visiting a rural school in Haywood County, Tennessee - Emanuel personifies excellence.

I am always impressed when people meet me, they always remark how easy it was to work with Emanuel and sometimes they seem more excited to meet him than me. He grew my business and my brand to national proportions and I am forever grateful for his leadership as we continue to soar to higher heights!
— Cheryl Wills